Interactive training room

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Interactive training room

Interactive training room

Dev Pro's Interactive training room technology solutions help you deliver a 21st-century classroom experience with interactive technology, space utilization capabilities, easy equipment ordering, and a paperless approach to help you reduce costs and maximize learning.

Dev Pro Traders has in the Training and Research Area with

·         Conference hall

·         Interactive Training Classroom

·         Three Rooms for Seminars and Meetings,

·         With a large lobby and separate entrance from the Hospital Complex.

The facilities are modern, with quality furniture, ergonomic chairs, and fully functional and modern technical means. We offer these services and spaces that will flexibly adapt to each of your needs. You will also have highly professional support staff at your disposal.

·         Engage tech-savvy students and enhance learning

·         Provide a 21st-century educational experience with high-tech solutions.

It is understandable that you want to offer an exceptional educational experience and today, it totally means to have interactive training room solution that comes with tech-savvy services.

Know your expectations while reducing the burden on IT and containing the costs:

·         Support flipped classroom teaching methods.

·         It reduces waste and improves safety with a paperless classroom.

·         Collect and use data to better manage classroom space and equipment.

·         Keep everyone on the same page with campus digital signage and communication systems.

Shift to a learner-centered strategy

Increase learning through collaborative discussion and problem solving

Do you want to encourage learning by offering compelling technology, or are you ready to use the dump room model - where students have access to lectures, videos, TED conversations, and other instructional content online before class, so teachers can pass class time facilitating discussions, resolution exercises and group activities.

Dev Pro Traders have excellent set of tools that are as follows:

·         Interactive training rooms to show the content of the connected PCs.

·         Unified communication systems applications to enable visual collaboration.

Assign and equip classes with just a few keys

Control costs with smart monitoring of conference rooms and classrooms. When you manage scheduling of interactive training room, audiovisual material and tech assistance requests manually, it's a profession that doesn't always go placidly. Instead, you can automate tasks and collect data such as utilization rates to help you make smarter and faster decisions about space and resources.

Our equipments combine professional services, managed services, software, and hardware that allow you to:

·         Schedule rooms using a web control panel, mobile apps, and email.

·         Sensing tech knows the how and when of used space.

·         Direct traffic and avoid disruptions with digital room signage.

Simplify AV ordering and collaboration tools.