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From conferences in the auditorium to company-wide meetings in the largest room in your building, it's essential to find a video collaboration solution that is easy to set up and use, compatible with all devices, and gets everyone in the audience. Our Products are designed for auditorium-sized meeting rooms and large spaces to simplify what might seem like an overwhelmingly difficult video challenge.

With multiple video inputs and outputs, audio flexibility, and a design based on more significant events, the Our Product is the perfect complement for auditorium-size meetings.

Multiple video inputs and outputs

Our Products can be used with any combination of cameras, document viewers, laptops, media players, and anything else to display two separate output sources. Presenters or meeting administrators can easily switch between input sources using the touch screen interface to transition between cameras or switch presentation media during a call.

Audio flexibility

One of the main benefits of implementing Our Products in a large conference room is the flexibility that the audio gives you. Not only does it come with two balanced inputs and one balanced output for your microphone collection, but it also features advanced audio features like echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and automatic noise reduction specifically designed for the complexities of a video conference call.

Connected device

When you link our products for company-wide meetings or auditorium-size conferences, get all the equivalent features. From automatic software updates to an easy-to-navigate directory, you can get the same high-quality video conferencing experience in your auditoriums and the smallest conference rooms, meeting rooms, and personal devices. Linked devices are easily managed through the web-based management console, allowing account administrators to modify each device's settings, enable proactive health monitoring prompts, and report usage.

Event management

When the meeting's size reaches hundreds or thousands of attendees, the format generally changes from a collaborative conversation with one person or perhaps a small group of people to a larger audience; for those one-to-many conversations like conferences, meetings, and company-wide events.

Here at Dev Pro Traders, we host staff meetings in our large meeting room. The conference is streamed to all attendees using our products, and the recording is always shared after the meeting. Presenters in the room are pre-wired with simple wireless microphones connected to a mixer and audio input. The video transmission and presentation are divided into three television screens and an HD projector, and we reserve a mobile handheld microphone around the room for questions. It works best for us, and we believe it'll work best for you too.